Site backup: important factor for new hosting customers

Things happen and your site might go through some problems, including server failures, hacking attacks and similar calamities. That’s why it’s paramount to have a regular back-up process in place, so that you can easily recover the latest version of your site and continue your operations without a hassle.

Not all hosting providers will necessarily enable you with the best practices in terms of back-ups, so you need to get proactive here and investigate on your own, asking the companies you like all the right questions.

What to ask about?

First, determine the frequency with which the backups are done.

Second, make sure that you can make backups manually from the control panel after you’ve introduced some major changes on your site.

Third, find out whether you can schedule automated back-ups to make your life easier.

Fourth, understand whether you can do the backups on your own without waiting for the staff to do their part within the disaster recovery procedures.

We advise you to schedule backups on a daily basis, so that you protect your site to the maximum.