Server responsiveness: vital indicator for picking a web host

This is probably one of the most important indicators that you can use in order to compare hosting plans. The site responsiveness (aka TTFB (Time to First Byte)) means the period of time it takes between the user clicking on the domain name and your host’s server responding.

Amazingly, hosting providers very seldom share this information. With so many technical indicators being thrown around, you can’t find this figure anywhere!

And your visitors are always in a hurry. They don’t care about you and your server. What they need is for your site to start showing things. If it doesn’t for 2-3 seconds, they’ll probably close it down and move on with their lives. And you know what, they’ll be right to do. You might do the same to another site!

How to check TTFB

Use special tools (Byte Check, Bitcatcha, Webpage Test) in order to measure TTFB and compare the indicators between different hosting plans.

Make sure that you don’t listen to marketese, glazed over $2 shared plans, persuading your site will whoosh around. It won’t. Good server machines cost money.