Subscription period: picking a hosting

After you’ve found the hosting plan that you really love, the question you must have is what length for the subscription period to pick. The providers try to lock you in for as long as they can, luring you with huge discounts.

But, taking into account the speed with which online web development technologies have been changing, we would not advise you to subscribe for anything longer than 2 years. You just don’t know what kinda options other providers might roll out in 2-3 years.

Huge signup discounts

Also, make sure that you have a clear idea on both the signup and renewal pricing because this is “where they get you”. As a rule, the deeper the discount you win at the signup, the bigger the increase in the renewal pricing you’ll subsequently experience. Some companies can juice up the renewal prices by up to 300% percent (which means that if you pay $5/mo at the signup, you’ll have to deal $15/mo subsequently).

You can also research the terms and conditions that the hosting provider offers and find out what kind of money-guarantees you’ll be able to enjoy throughout the subscription period, and not just during the free trial period.