Email hosting: essential additional feature from a web host

Whenever you’re looking for your first hosting plan, it’s important to minimize the amount of technical operations as much as you can. Being a newbie, it’s extremely hard to understand how all of the whistles and blows work, and how to solve various issues that might arise whenever you are trying to make it work.

So, getting the email ( from the same provider who does your hosting is a good option to search for. This means that even if you like the plan in front of you, but you’ve learned that the company doesn’t do the email feature, this can be a pretty good alarm signal telling you that you might want to consider your other options elsewhere.

What to do if the provider doesn’t enable the email option

But if really love the offering on the table, you can always use the G Suite, which is a paid option from Gmail that enables you to create the customized email addresses. It’ll cost you $5 per month and you’ll need to spend a bit more time on figuring that stuff in Gmail, but it’s doable with some effort even for a newbie.